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Trump: 100 days and the front pages

Danish newspapers have taken the President Trump 100 days in office to their front pages. Here are some of those examples.

Looks like it was only yesterday that we saw President Trump during his Inauguration. But, indeed, 100 days have passed by, not without much controversy (as everything that surrounds Trump), some fits and starts, and, of course, Tweets—many, many Tweets from the President, his not so secret weapon to inform the world about his thought processes, often with surprises.

I thank my Danish colleague, Jens Jørgen Madsen, for collecting these and translating so that readers of TheMarioBlog could take a look here.

The Danish daily Politiken decided to capitalize on just that, one Tweet, for its front page treatment of the first 100 days of the Trump presidency.

This is the front page of the Sunday,. April 30, edition.



The front page of Politiken carried a Tweet by Kristian Madsen, its correspondent in the United States.


Few political results. Many enemies. Lie and provocation. But Twitter-president Trump has for ever changed The White House. #100days

Then on the very same front page – at the bottom – an explanation for the coverage of the Trump 100 days:

Donald Trump is tweeting 5 times a day. Politiken has analysed the messages and is drawing a picture of his first 100 days in the White House. Theme page 1 – 13

In Danish:øgne-og-frustrationer-for-Trump

And then you have the next 12 pages full of Tweets at the top and stories about Trump’s activities of the past 100 days.

Meanwhile, another Danish daily, Berglinkse, opted for a different approach:


And the regional daily Jyllands-Posten went for a quote:

“I thought it would be easier.”



The frontpage of Dagbladet Information





Cartoonists and Trump’s first 100 days

Part of the Politiken project was to engage cartoonists from 37 countries and the cartoons they have published about President Trump.



Other coverage of the Trump 100 days

I am surprised, and a bit disappointed that I have not seen a lot of exciting visual coverage of the Trump first 100 days in United States newspapers, but the best has been via digital, as we can see in the following links.

The best is The New York Times dissecting of President Trump’s every Tweet, with good analysis that brings us back to the specific moment when a certain presidential Tweet was published. Take a look here:



Interesting online coverage of the Trump first 100 days:


Covering Trump’s 100 days on the New York Times front page

NYT: A roundup of our 100 days coverage

Fact checking President Trump through his first 100 days


Trump’s 100 days: an executive success



Those Sunday print editions “reign supreme”

Nice to be quoted in this Editor & Publisher article about the value —and charm—of print Sunday editions of newspapers.


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