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The world's best designed newspapers

Once again we can take a look at what the judges of the Society of News Design competition have considered to be the very best designed newspapers in the world.

The four winners are Dagens Nyheter from Sweden, The Guardian from the United Kingdom, Politiken from Denmark and De Morgen from Belgium.

I am not surprised that two of the four winners come from Scandinavia, where some of the most adventurous and exciting design across platforms is taking place.  The Nordics are open minded, love to experiment, and the result is some ground breaking ideas for both print and digital, and not just limited to design.

I have had the privilege of working with Dagens Nyheter of Sweden and De Morgen of Belgium at another visual chapters of their history.

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The new synergy in the WSJ newsroom

WSJ Editor Gerard Baker sent out the following announcement to the staff on Friday:

I’m delighted to announce a significant new milestone on our way to creating the world’s leading digital news organization: Starting next month, a team of web designers, mobile coders and digital developers will join the newsroom and begin working side by side with us in news.

This is long overdue in every newsroom.  We find it essential to have coders and developers in our client meetings from the set go. It facilitates the process and advances ideas that will become integral as we go for storytelling across platforms.

It should be interesting to follow up and to see how the inclusion of coders and developers will affect those newsroom meetings at the WSJ.

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NY Times Theater newsletter

​The New York Times now has a weekly THEATER update newsletter. Bravo.

Celebrating Print am preparing my keynote presentation for this Horizont Print Summit 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, April 21.

The program is described as a Renaissance of a media genre---New concepts, new titles, new ideas.


Status Quo ̶   Where is print and who makes the big thing?
Print Strikes Back   ̶ A traditional media with new titles
Hidden Champions   ̶ Young innovative concepts beyond the mainstream
Editor for Sale   ̶ New forms of advertising: What offer print products?
Content marketing   ̶ How to earn money with content?
Minimum wage and Privacy basic Regulation   ̶ Where are we headed?

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Some more good news

Newsweek Europe Announces Expansion, New Sections and New Apps

The New York Times' The Upshot now offers Newsletter for all you may have missed

Pages we like

A special and surprising visual treatment from designer Osama Aljawish of Oman's Al Shabiba newspaper for a story about the death of Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Günter Grass.

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