In the era of the essential mobile editor, now comes the print editor. Who'd know? But if it means that print is given its proper place in the midst of the media quartet, then it is a position that we welcome.

Metro section editor Wendell Jamieson announced the appointment of Dean Chang in a memo to his staff.

"We are doing this because, despite our best intentions, print still sets our pace for the day."

Two important items in that announcement: 

1. The abandonment of one of those traditional news meetings that accomplishes little. 


“…despite our best intentions, print still sets our pace for the day. Our 2:45 p.m. meeting, for example, has stubbornly remained a jumble of slugs, lengths and guesstimates of when stories will land. We'll fix that meeting by killing it. Instead, Dean, along with Night City Editor extraordinaire Pete Khoury, slot Eric Dyer and our terrific designers and photo editors will gather in the afternoons and map out the section themselves, culling the stories from our budget and the stream of material posted during the day.”


2. The two tempos philosophy applied as they should: stories are written and edited and posted when appropriate and not ruled by print deadlines.


One goal is to make our online/mobile report seamless and energetic, with stories that are written and edited and posted when appropriate, not when the print deadlines require them to be

As for the title "print editor", it is a new one, I guess, but a very old one at the same time.

Wonder what the reaction will be when Mr. Chang pulls out his card with the title Print Editor.

A title that will require an explanation, although to me, it makes perfect sense. And if I were to write a job description for this position, I would begin by saying: Someone who understands the cycle of news, the media quartet and who can truly administer the flow of news keeping in mind the two tempos that determine it.

While on the subject of positions

Here is advice we like:

Radical advice for tech companies: Put the designer in charge…/book-excerpt-put-designer-charge/


The goal of the modern, enlightened, forward-thinking technology company should be to create a user experience that is indispensable, delightful, memorable, useful, and special. That’s it. And frankly, it should be the overarching goal of any company creating any service or product, but we’ll stay in our realm of expertise — the world of software.

Doing print happily

We bring you back some more fun pages from those guys in Oman at Al Shabiba and Times of Oman.

This time, their sports supplement includes 3D glasses.  Indeed, Al Shabiba's Gulf Cup supplement comes with 3D glasses and that's where the fun begins as readers journey through this supplement of what is a very special sports event for Oman. All photos and ads were done in 3D.

Another gem from  designer Osama Aljawish, lead designer Al Shabiba, under the guidance of that most talent design director, Adonis Durado.

Here is the team for this project:

Design director Adonis Durado
Art director Osama aljawish
Senior designer Mohammad Al'Ali
designer Majed Al wahibi
3D effect Amornsri Anutrakulchai

Mario Garcia to teach Master Class at Poynter today

Innovation and Storytelling: Master Class with Mario Garcia

You can attend the class in person, or via the archived replay which will take place right after the live session.

Go here for more details:

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