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Enjoyed my session with Print Summit 2015 group in Frankfurt this morning. Photos by Bert Bostelmann for HORIZONT

I will do a keynote presentation today during the one-day Print Summit 2015 at the Movenpick Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. My presentation is titled Doing Print Happily in the Digital Age, a title that I like and a sentiment that I embrace.

How does one do print happily?

1. Not romancing print, but redefining its role within the media quartet (soon to be a quintet with the arrival of the smartwatch).

2. Considering the issue of frequency— and recency.  The printed newspaper has lost the time advantage for breaking news.

3. Reconsidering the issue of format— smaller is better.

4. Bringing elements of the digital mentality to print.

5. Seducing with page one.

Some of the newspapers I will show

The Washington Post: reinventing print edition to include more centerpiece stories on Page One, more art directed section fronts
Norway's Aftenposten: a real digital revolution while nurturing its print edition, with different styles for daily and weekend
The Guardian: superb content packaged in a design that has been singled out among the best in the world
Germany's Suddeutsche Zeitung: reinventing its weekend print edition; the ultimate lean back experience for the reader
The Times of Oman: content presented visually as in this treatment of content leading to the Oscars
The New York Times and the power of photography
The Indianapolis Star: the real power of print with a forceful editorial message on its Page One
Frankfurter Allegemeine: the power to surprise with that image on Page One
The Netherlands' Het Parool: bringing the digital mentality to print with a Page One navigator--the map to the journey

Two takeaways from my keynote

The real power of print is with the lean back approach, the surprises, the luxury of paper through photography, graphics and narratives

Secure a place for print by establishing a clear philosophy of storytelling in your newsroom, one where each platform plays a role.

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Smartwatch and news: at a glance journalism is here

Interesting piece about the impact that smartwatches are likely to have on how we consume news.  We are happy to be mentioned here:



"...media organizations need to find the right formula for delivering short news alerts and notifications without being obtrusive or annoying. Wears of the watch are likely to fine-tune these systems to their liking."

Smartwatch, Condé Nast and What's Cooking


First paragraph:

The last time Apple introduced a brand new piece of hardware, Condé Nast thought it might help reshape the magazine business.

Five years after the iPad, the magazine publisher (which owns Bon Appetit and Epicurious along with Vogue and Vanity Fair) has more modest goals for the new Apple Watch: It thinks it might help people cook a steak.

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