José Juan Gámez Kindelán holds an edition of ABC where you see the single topic (red) front page and the traditional one, which is actually Page Two. At right, how front pages of various Spanish dailies appeared that day.

It's no secret that the front page of the printed newspaper continues to evolve---and how.

With news NOT usually breaking on Page One anymore, editors and designers seek solutions to seduce more, to create impact and to surprise even though so many of the headlines have already been published via digital platforms. Now Spain's ABC' tries the 2-front page approach.

To let art director José Juan Gámez Kindelán explain it:

"It all began when the editors asked me to create a single theme front page, but they also did not want to do away with the more traditional front page. The solution, an attractive and visual front page, and then the multi purpose front page as a Page Two."

Apparently, readers of ABC also like it. Jose tells me that the editor of the newspaper has received many favorable comments and even congratulatory messages for the new second front page.

When we say that there are ways to do print happily, this is what I mean. Rather than give up on the print product, smart editors and designers seek ways to find variation and innovation, and ABC shows us at least one attractive way to do it here.

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