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By Mario R. García on Nov 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and we pause to spend time with our family and to give thanks for our many blessings.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 23, 2015

Smartphones will continue to be the media story next year

It's no surprise: the majority of us is getting information from smartphones. If you live in Singapore, it is 91% of you, with Spain and Ireland coming a close second. For publishers and advertisers, if you did not get this message resoundingly clear in 2015, then gear up for 2016 where it is a case of do or die when it comes to taking your product mobile.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 22, 2015

The Hindu: making incursion in new market Mumbai

The Hindu's new edition in Mumbai will be out on November 28. The Editor of The Hindu, Dr. Malini Parthasarathy, characterizes it as "the most ambitious project" in the Indian newspaper's 137-year history. A Weekend Edition has already been launched during the run-up to the launch; it provides space for long form journalism. My chat with Chairman/Publisher N Ram.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 20, 2015

Details Magazine Closing: Men’s Magaziines at the Crossroads?

Condé Nast will stop publishing Details magazine at the end of the year. Yet, the magazine still had a circulation of about 560,000. Did Conde Naste pull the plug too soon? I was an occasional reader.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 19, 2015

Guardian Mobile Innovation: small screens, frequency

Here is one "newsroom lab" we will be keeping an eye on.  The Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab wants to experiment with news on phones.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 17, 2015

Facebook’s Instant Articles: How to lure the masses

They are easy to download.  They put articles and information out there where the masses congregate.  They are Facebook’s Instant Articles.  And now we know that Instant Articles are shared three times more than regular links.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 16, 2015

Cultivating those loyal subscribers

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By Mario R. García on Nov 14, 2015

Paris Carnage: The Front Pages tell a Story of Horror

It’s not something that we like to do, but it is sad that we tend to do this more often these days: to display front pages of newspapers covering a terrorist act in which many innocent people die. People who were simply going about the business of their lives, having a good time on a Friday night at the end of a busy week.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 12, 2015

Journalism + Silicon Valley: The Takeaways

The centerpiece of Thursday's Journalism + Silicon Valley was the effect of social media in the practice of journalism today.  Speaker after speaker, panel after panel, touching on similar themes: it's all about alliances with social media, better and more frequent use of video and innovative storytelling. Yes, and every media organization dreams of becoming a favorite destination.

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