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By Mario R. García on Jan 25, 2015

The new second front page

At Spain's ABC daily newspaper, an interesting concept where there is one up front page one, followed by a more traditional Page One which is actually Page Two. The art director explains the philosophy behind it.

Tags: design, newspapers, Spain

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By Mario R. García on Jan 22, 2015

Gulf News of Dubai gets Guantanamo exclusive

Dubai's Gulf News becomes the first Middle East newspaper to be allowed into the Guantanamo jail.  The result? A multimedia story across platforms that includes interviews, photo galleries, audio and video.

Tags: multimedia, media quartet, Dubai, Gulf News

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By Mario R. García on Jan 21, 2015

Training the next generation of mobile journalists

It is the first day of our Multiplatform Design & Storytelling class for the Spring 2015 today.  It's all about training a new generation of editors---or, should I say, mobile editors?

Tags: Columbia Journalism School, design, Reed Reibstein, USA, Circa, Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), TIME

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By Mario R. García on Jan 20, 2015

Suddenly: the media quintet is a closer reality

I am delighted to announce my involvement with two students from Arhus (Denmark) University as they embark on a project to explore the potential for news publishers involving smart watches.  The media quintet in rehearsal!

Tags: design, Media quintet, Smartwatches, Arhus University, Denmark, Denmark

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By Mario R. García on Jan 19, 2015

The less than daily printed product: is this the year for take off?

I am not shy about stating it: the day will come when there will not be a printed newspaper delivered Monday-Friday. A robust weekend printed product chock full of inserts and lean back reads will allow readers to disconnect from their digital platforms.

Tags: frequency, multimedia, newspapers, print, USA

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By Mario R. García on Jan 18, 2015

Editing your impulses when creating a new product

It's difficult sometimes for those of us creating a new product not to get too ambitious in our efforts to create something different. When is different NOT so important? An article reminds us about creative excesses.

Tags: design, usability, media quartet, Medium

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By Mario R. García on Jan 15, 2015

Four weekend lean back reads if your time allows.

Here are four pieces that will provide for a good lean back and meditative weekend reading experience. 

Tags: Journalism Education, newspapers, print, web, USA, The Washington Post

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By Mario R. García on Jan 14, 2015

La Presse and new tablet feature all devoted to films

It's been over a year since the Montreal newspaper, La Presse, gambled on a daily tablet edition, La Presse+  that would be free. By all accounts, it is a success. I follow what La Presse does with interest. The latest? Starting January 16, a new section about cinema.

Tags: tablet, Canada, LA Presse+

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By Mario R. García on Jan 13, 2015

Latest curated edition from NYT adds to lean back tempo

It's curation at its best, and it comes just when the weekend starts, a reminder of the week that was, and perhaps of great articles and coverage we may have missed.

Tags: curation, frequency, two tempos, web, USA, The New York Times

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