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By Mario R. García on Sep 30, 2014

A conversation about typography for Al Jazeera program

I have just taped an interview that will be part of the Al Jazeera’s program The Listening Post. The topic: typography and its impact in how we get information. Here is a preview of my interview, with some short answers about topics of interest.

Tags: typography, magazines, media quartet, newspapers, Die Zeit, The Wall Street Journal

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By Mario R. García on Sep 29, 2014

The tablet habit: studying why it is a good one

As smartphones and responsive design gain momentum, tablet editions get left behind.  That ’s why we are happy to read about Lou Hansen’s plans to dedicate his time at Stanford to study the tablet.

Tags: multimedia, tablet, USA, Lou Hansen, Stanford Fellows

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By Mario R. García on Sep 25, 2014

American City Business Journals: the best of the Project Pinstripe is here

We continue to admire the work taking place with those 40 American City Business Journals. A review of some well crafted pages that show how print can still play a key, vibrant role, while digital first philosophy delivers news now.

Tags: design, usability, newspapers, USA, American City Business Journals

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By Mario R. García on Sep 24, 2014

The New York Times’ FirstDraft and “Watching”: key case studies for digital storytelling

Frequency, storytelling and the news: fascinating topic of conversation in newsroom these days. With The New York Times premiering FirstDraft and Watching, it is a great opportunity to revisit that conversation and review the 10 storytelling strategies I have discovered in two days.

Tags: curation, design, frequency, legacy, storytelling, two tempos, mobile, newspapers, web, USA, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Sep 23, 2014

Design, journalism, technology: the essential trio

“Designer or journalist: Who shapes the news you read in your favorite apps?,” that’s the question a recent Nieman Lab piece asks. We discuss it here.

Tags: design, the craft, two tempos, media quartet, Poynter Institute for Media Studies

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By Mario R. García on Sep 22, 2014

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld goes into daily newspaper publishing

There is a new print newspaper around. It is called The Karl Daily and its publisher and namesake, Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion icon, figures prominently (as one would expect) throughout its pages. The new daily was distributed around major European cities this weekend.

Tags: design, newspapers, Europe

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By Mario R. García on Sep 19, 2014

Tablet editions: 4 years later, less finger-happy

The topic is a timely and important one: what’s the role of mobile tablets?  The headline to the study is quite provocative:
We Were Promised Jetpacks:The Digital Magazine Non-Revolution
and the Waning Promise of an Enhanced Content Explosion. The call to action: while tablets have not transformed the industry yet, publishers should continue to experiment.

Tags: design, multimedia, video, WAN/IFRA, tablet, USA, Apple, Ottawa Citizen, Postmedia

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By Mario R. García on Sep 18, 2014

Longform and iPhone app: strange bedfellows?, which spotlights quality non-fiction writing on the Web, has just rolled out its first app for iPhones, timed to the release of Apple's iOS 8 operating system. Does this mean that they are aware smartphone users are reading longer pieces on the smaller devices?

Tags: storytelling, USA

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By Mario R. García on Sep 17, 2014

Brand design: plenty of lessons at a glance

A day rarely goes by when I don’t take a peek into the world of branding, to see how various companies promote what they are all about in that important first impression: the logo.

Tags: corporate, design, corporate, SWISS

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