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By Mario R. García on Jun 27, 2016

Gone to the beach!

It is that time of the year when I join my family for a beach vacation. Hope you will have some summer time off as well. TheMarioBlog will return in early August. Stay tuned. Enjoy!

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By Mario R. García on Jun 26, 2016

Argentina: La Nueva to discontinue daily print edition

It is a first for Argentina, although more of a trend that is catching on worldwide: discontinuation of the print edition of a long established newspaper, but keeping the weekend print edition and letting digital dominate.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 23, 2016

API building and the campaign to save it

For many in our industry, the American Press Institute represents one of the premiere centers for training in the country.  Today, the Marcel Breuer-designed building that housed it for decades in Reston, Virginia, is in peril of disappearing. A campaign is in place to try to change that.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 22, 2016

Mobile gains, but traditional media keeping up

Mobile internet use has grown 69% a year for the last four years, we look at our smartphone more than 100 times a day, yet we are also watching TV news, reality shows and listen to the radio. Here are highlights of a Zenith Report.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 21, 2016

Reuters report:  social media major source of news, but audience won’t pay for content

The Reuters Report 2016 is out: Most news consumers, especially younger ones, get their news on mobile and through social media. And they don’t pay for it and say they never will.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 20, 2016

Turning your old newspaper archives into apps

We know that newspapers are repositories of history, as anyone who ever worked into a newspaper “morgue” knows.  Now those folks at Visiolink in Denmark urge you to monetize those archives.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 19, 2016

It’s a newly reimagined website for Columbia’s Journalism School

It is with much pride that we announce that our Garcia Media team has worked closely with my fellow faculty members at the Columbia University School of Journalism to reinvent the website. The new website launched June 14. Take a look.

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By Mario R. García on Jun 16, 2016

The end of the period as a punctuation mark? Say it isn’t so

It’s the type of article that surprises and gets ahead of the line in the midst of dozens of headlines fighting for one’s attention.  The Headline: Period. Full Stop. Point. Whatever It’s Called, It’s Going Out of Style

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By Mario R. García on Jun 15, 2016

When simplicity tells the story best

Had to show you this IKEA advertisement from Sweden. It has that Scandinavian touch of minimalism, but very effective as well. And Argentina's La Nacion accomplishes the same via an infographic that tells the story at a glance.

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