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By Mario R. García on Aug 31, 2015

Renewed energy as September makes an entrance

Summer vacations are over, the suntan lotions, sandals and swim trunks are put away and the mind turns to the rituals of fall, which, for me, always include a busy schedule of conference, projects and meetings.  Welcome back.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 13, 2015

Video and mobile consumption: waiting for the next year

Video is the word when we conduct workshops in newsrooms across the world. Now a prediction gives 2016 as a milestone year for when more users will watch video on mobile devices.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 12, 2015

Tales of fresh fruit kiosks and real scoops

Behold the press kiosk, and take a picture of the next one you see, as they are becoming historic pieces.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 11, 2015

Another reason to go mobile with storytelling

Not that I think anyone needs to be reminded, but the figures in the second annual Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report make it obvious: we are wise to pay attention to how we do storytelling on mobile devices.  It is the platform of choice for such a large number of our audience, and one that is not likely to go away.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 10, 2015

What constitutes Breaking News in the era of the Apple Watch?

Time to redefine Breaking News, folks.  Or, perhaps, a good opportunity to decide when interrupting the audience has merit?  Even in the age of the journalism of interruptions, too many can be hazardous to retaining even your most loyal followers.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 09, 2015

The Washington Post, the Republican debate and those colorful Twitter cards

Perhaps none of the 10 Republican presidential hopefuls debating in Cleveland Thursday night emerged as winners, but The Washington Post certainly did, with its Twitter cards.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 06, 2015

The undoing of redesigns and other weekend musings

This week we blogged about design changes in The Wall Street Journal in the  seven years since Rupert Murdoch bought it from the Bancroft family.  That post has elicited much thought, including what happens to a redesign after it's implemented.

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By Mario R. García on Aug 05, 2015

At The New York Times: capitalizing on those mobile moments

Starting this fall, NYT readers may be approached at just the right moments with information that is not limited to news, but includes ads as well. Another example of moment-targeting in the era of mobile immersion.

Tags: advertising, mobile, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Aug 04, 2015

The Wall Street Journal: design in the Murdoch years

It's seven yerars since Rupert Murdoch acquired The Wall Street Journal from the Bancroft family for $5 billion.  Many changes have taken place, including in the design of the 105-year-old iconic financial newspaper.

Tags: design, The Wall Street Journal

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