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By Mario R. García on Aug 02, 2015

Type tips that never go out of fashion

In a media world where everything seems to become obsolete in 15 minutes or less, there are some of the essential rules of typography that live forever. Here are three.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 31, 2015

Garcia Media names Reed Reibstein Director of Product Design

A new title reflects Reed’s focus on product design as he enters his fifth year with us

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By Mario R. García on Jul 30, 2015

Getting inspiration from those who are doing it right

There is no better inspirational textbook to learn about the status of the media in the era of the media quintet than to follow those who seem to be doing it right.  We get some tips from News Corp's Raju Narisetti.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 29, 2015

Design, homepages and what users prefer: why are we not surprised?

A new report from the Engaging News Project shows that users prefer modular, image-heavy homepage designs. That’s exactly what we heard from users during the 2012 Poynter EyeTrack for Tablet use.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 27, 2015

At the NYT: an effective subscription campaign

It has all the ingredients of the old fashioned subscription campaign, including the full page ad in the print product, but  I like how The New York Times presents its full array of products, with plenty of options for potential subscribers. The prices is good, too.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 26, 2015

Time to give native ads the attention they deserve

While some of the major players are taking big steps to consolidate the presence of native ads in their operations, I am somewhat surprised by the lack of progress—and even interest—for native ads among a large number of the publishers and editors with whom I interact.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 24, 2015

Two more McClatchy titles launch with new philosophy, look

This time it is The State (Columbia, S.C.) and The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) that join the other tiles from the McClatchy Group as they become part of a multi-platform initiative. We at Garcia Media have conducted 16 months of workshops and training leading to new print, responsive web, mobile app, and tablet app products for all 29 of McClatchy's American dailies, including The Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Raleigh's News & Observer, and Fort Worth's Star-Telegram.

Tags: mobile, newspapers, print, tablet, web, USA, McClatchy

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By Mario R. García on Jul 22, 2015

For today’s storytelling: it’s the now, the why and the what next

The Washington Post is testing a new approach to storytelling that adds context to stories of the day.  It is an issue that has to do with frequency, with how we consume news and what are expectations are as we juggle the now, the why and the later of many stories.

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By Mario R. García on Jul 21, 2015

New from The Huffington Post for those in the lean back mode

The Huffington Post will journey into the world of long narratives, as in a website where every story is a cover story with topics ranging from ISIS to feminism.  This sounds like a good fit for lean back mode devotees.

Tags: multimedia, storytelling, web, USA, The Huffington Post

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