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By Mario R. García on Oct 06, 2015

Ad blocking is newest item on publishers’ list of woes

I have heard enough complaining about ad blocking in the past three weeks from Australia to the Philippines to the Netherlands.  It is, without a doubt, a sort of publisher's nightmare. The latest one, I may add, as if publishers needed another bit of negative news. But, was my grandpa one of the first ad blockers ever? Have we all been ad blockers?

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By Mario R. García on Oct 05, 2015

McClatchy titles continue launch with new look, philosophy

This time it is The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo. ) and The Dallas-Ft Worth Star-Telegram (Texas) that join the other titles from the McClatchy Group as they become part of a multi-platform initiative. We at Garcia Media have conducted 16 months of workshops and training leading to new print, responsive web, mobile app, and tablet app products for all 29 of McClatchy’s American dailies.

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By Mario R. García on Oct 01, 2015

Erik van Blokland: type talk with the Dutch type designer

An evening of conversation with Dutch type designer Erik van Blokland, whose most recent work has included a redrawing of the logo for De Telegraaf. Let’s hear Erik discuss creativity, inspiration and, yes, type.

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By Mario R. García on Oct 01, 2015

Buzz Feed, the quizzes, the silly—and, soon, the serious news

So Buzz Feed is said to be prototyping a mobile app for real news.  But, no reason to despair, fans of Buzz Feed, it will not give up on its usual fare of shareable lists and quizzes and the sillier stuff.  Did you read the one about 17 Cats Who Could Use A Day Off.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 30, 2015

Royal Albert Hall: how mobile first strategy led to a stunning website design

Taking a look at London's Royal Albert Hall website, a thing of beauty, full of practical examples of how to organize a website that started with a mobile first approach. Thanks to Ethan Marcotte for introducing it to us via one of his recent Responsive Web Design Podcasts.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 28, 2015

How “tabloidy” can a mobile edition be?

Tags: newspapers, USA, The New York Daily News

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By Mario R. García on Sep 27, 2015

It’s a new De Telegraaf today

With new editor-in-chief Paul Jansen, De Telegraaf, the Netherland’s best read newspaper, make some changes to the design and to how it tells stories. And, yes, the logo got a face wash, too.

Tags: case study, newspapers, Netherlands, De Telegraaf

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By Mario R. García on Sep 24, 2015

Let’s talk about fonts

It is always good to chat with Jonathan Hoefler, the typeface designer from Hoefler (  We at Garcia Media have chosen many of the fonts in the Hoefler collection for a variety of projects.  Here are some of our favorites.

Tags: typography, newspapers, USA, Hoefler Fonts

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By Mario R. García on Sep 24, 2015

It’sa landmark moment for TheMarioBlog

It happened quietly, and almost unnoticed, and even though this is entry 2010, it is only now that I can pause and meditate a bit on the landmark moment for TheMarioBlog: 2000 editions.

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