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By Reed Reibstein on Nov 25, 2014

At The Washington Post, a new tablet edition for Kindle Fire

The Washington Post unveiled its new edition for Kindle Fire tablets this week in its most significant product since Jeff Bezos took over from Don Graham. Our Reed Reibstein takes a look at this new product.

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By Mario R. García on Nov 24, 2014

Writing short for mobile makes sense

As those who try it well lknow, the art of writing short: is not easy.  Mobile editors recognize that it is essential to have writers who can accomplish this task. Some are doing just that and we should take a look.

Tags: Roy Peter Clark, mobile, USA, Breaking News, The Economist, Yahoo! News Digest

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By Mario R. García on Nov 24, 2014

Print native ad for The New York Times: a good model

Rejoice! The first print native ad is here. And not just anywhere but in the venerable, legacy-driven The New York Times.

Tags: Ebele Wybenga, newspapers, Netherlands, USA, The New York Times, The Washington Post

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By Mario R. García on Nov 20, 2014

Spain’s Javier Muñoz Fernandez: storytelling one illustration at a time

Readers love illustrations in whatever platform. Art directors know how important illustrations can be.  Editors admire illustrations, although it is not perhaps the first visual idea that comes to their mind.  I like to find the good illustrations and talk to the illustrators. Today, a chat with Spain’s Javier Muñoz Fernandez.

Tags: Javier Muñoz Fernández, magazines, newspapers, Spain, Interviú

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By Mario R. García on Nov 19, 2014

Behold that new position in the newsroom: print editor

The New York Times has announced that Dean Chang,  who serves as city editor for The Times, has been appointed to the new position of "print editor" for the Metro section. Once upon a time they were all print editors. Do you remember?

Tags: frequency, two tempos, media quartet, newspapers, USA, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Nov 18, 2014

Good news Wednesday! Three reasons to raise your glass of bubblies today

It’s a new 8-page (yes, print) business supplement for the Boston Globe. TIME makes opens its archives online for replicas of every issue dating to its founding ion 1923. Who’d know? The Internet is improving our English.

Tags: web, Spain, USA, El Pais (Spain)

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By Mario R. García on Nov 17, 2014

Marshall Project is here: data visualization at its best

The Marshall Project, that much awaited project that united Bill Keller and Gabriel Dance, has been launched: it is a repository of storytelling ideas for in depth journalism, packaged in vibrant, elegant, functional design.

Tags: Marshall Project, web, USA

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By Mario R. García on Nov 17, 2014

National Post: a killer of a multimedia story

When Canada’s National Post writer Adrian Humphrey penned a piece about what was described as “a made-in-Canada killing in the birthplace of the Mafia”, illustration and design played a key role.  A chat with the Post’s deputy editor Julie Traves and design director Gayle Grin about the making of this story.

Tags: design, multimedia, newspapers, web, Canada, Gayle Grin, National Post

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By Mario R. García on Nov 13, 2014

It’s redesign time for Politico, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Those who follow Politico and the Atlanta Journal Constitution are doing so via new redesigns of those websites. It is interesting to read the narratives about facts that led to those redesigns.

Tags: responsive design, web, USA, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Politico

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