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By Mario R. García on Sep 17, 2014

Brand design: plenty of lessons at a glance

A day rarely goes by when I don’t take a peek into the world of branding, to see how various companies promote what they are all about in that important first impression: the logo.

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By Mario R. García on Sep 16, 2014

Apple Watch: Wearables and the rise of “glance journalism”

With the announcement of the Apple Watch, and its availability in 2015, we are likely to see the best definition yet for something that started in earnest in the 1980s and evolved to its best in the 1990s: the “at a glance” look at news and details of major events. How does this affect how we tell stories—and how we write headlines?

Tags: frequency, multimedia, storytelling, the craft, Apple Watch, USA, Apple

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By Mario R. García on Sep 15, 2014

Financial Times: a classic redesign for the digital age

From time to time a newspaper redesign is announced that gets everyone on alert mode. Such is the case with the redesign unveiled today by the Financial Times. Let's take a look at the centerpieces of this project: the new fonts, the new grid, greater role of graphics and, overall, creating a print edition for the digital age.

Tags: design, newspapers, UK, Financial Times

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By Mario R. García on Sep 12, 2014

Emotions, news and all things digital

Do we expect more emotional response when we read a story in a digital platform as opposed to print?  The question comes at an appropriate time. Let’s explore it.

Tags: storytelling, the craft, mobile, newspapers, France, USA, Paris Match, Quartz, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Sep 11, 2014

Jobs and the newsroom of the future (actually, of today)

So Gannett has outlined what the Newsroom of the Future will be like, and, along with that, comes what the job titles will be as the company's publications go more digital centric. We take a look.

Tags: legacy, newspapers, USA, Gannett

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By Mario R. García on Sep 09, 2014

Apple’s phablets and watch: technology advances quicker than newsrooms adapt

While looking at photos and videos of Apple’s new additions—the two larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and a colorful, smart watch that one anticipates will be in a lot of stockings this Christmas—all I can think is, "We are far behind with digital strategy in many newsrooms." The "media quartet" now may be a "quintet" after a nicely choreographed announcement by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Tags: Joe Zeff, multimedia, media quartet, mobile, USA, Apple

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By Mario R. García on Sep 09, 2014

India: printed newspapers an anachronism? Tell me it isn’t so

A piece in the financial daily Mint informs us that even  India—thought by many to be the last hold out location for the survival of printed newspapers—is showing significant decline in the circulation of dailies in various languages.

Tags: frequency, newspapers, India

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By Mario R. García on Sep 08, 2014

The designer’s role in the midst of order and chaos

Order and chaos: two very distinct words, two states of mind with radically different meanings.  On the visual stage that is a newspaper page those two states of mind make a dramatic difference. What’s the role of design in the midst of chaos?

Tags: design, newspapers, Netherlands, De Telegraaf

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By Mario R. García on Sep 05, 2014

Job titles in the newsroom: they are changing—some are outright funny

Titles in newsrooms have always been important. In fact, we can trace the evolution of the craft based on the titles for those carrying out newsroom duties. Also: a "hot" exclusive for Paris Match.

Tags: design, Emory Thomas, the craft, newspapers, USA, American City Business Journals, Poynter Institute for Media Studies

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