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By Mario R. García on Feb 04, 2016

Experimenting with audio a sound idea

On the way to extend your video presence, don’t neglect audio—that other important and efficient tool for storytelling.

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By Mario R. García on Feb 03, 2016

Trump’s insults yield storytelling lesson

Finally, one good thing about the never-ending coverage of Donald J. Trump and the fascination the media seems to have with him and all he says. This time, however, The New York Times has compiled the key to all of Trump's insults (it's a long one), and we get a journalism lesson in the proceess.

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By Mario R. García on Feb 02, 2016

More than a new newsroom for The Washington Post

Readers of the blog know that I am an admirer of everything The Washington Post is doing as it merges a fabulously rich history with the essentials for survival in the journalism of the future.  A new building signals a big push forward.

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By Mario R. García on Feb 01, 2016

Issue of legibility: watch out for background colors

Nothing new about this rule: make type easy to read.  Usually that is followed by a helpful tip: if using background colors on a page (or screen), please make sure that the type is legible.  The rule was not applied for this New York Times page. Take a look.

Tags: typography, newspapers, USA, The New York Times

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By Mario R. García on Jan 31, 2016

Pick your e-paper before you fly

A new Lufthansa German Airlines service allows passengers to choose their favorites from a range of newspapers and magazines before their flight, and download them to their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Other airlines are doing so.

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By Mario R. García on Jan 28, 2016

News alerts: how many are too many?

They come when you least expect them.  Sometimes we value them.  Often we ignore them, a real annoyance in the midst of our daily routines.  Behold those news alerts that publishers are so keen to expose us to. But, how much is too much when it comes to push notifications and alerts. A recent study is food for thought.

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By Mario R. García on Jan 27, 2016

How many curated news apps can one support?

There is already the Apple News application.  Now Microsoft joins those seeking the attention of news-hungry users.  Microsoft this week unveiled yet another application aimed at iOS users. Called “News Pro,” Microsoft’s app aims to offer readers a personalized experience by connecting them to articles that match their current interests, while also uncovering other sites and stories they may like.

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By Mario R. García on Jan 26, 2016

From digital to print In Australia

It is not surprising, although it does not happen often, when a publication born exclusively digital suddenly goes print as well.

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By Mario R. García on Jan 25, 2016

Apple gets serious about Virtual Reality?

Apple has reportedly hired an award winning Virtual Reality expert to join its ranks. What could this mean?

Tags: virtual reality, Apple, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times

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